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Jessie Brennan
Re: development: Voices, Cyanotypes & Writings

The financialisation of land and property is reconfiguring whole swathes of Britain’s cities from public to private, as a result of redevelopment. Peterborough, with its rapid expansion of housing, population and economic growth, alongside its environmental aspirations, is no exception: land is becoming a contested space with its uses bitterly argued over.

Re: development brings together voices, cyanotypes and writings from The Green Backyard, a ‘community growing project’ threatened with a proposed development by its owner, Peterborough City Council. This is an attempt to explore in the site one of Britain’s most contested territories: land ownership, and its radical political shift from communal to private.

This book is a collaboration between artist Jessie Brennan and the people who use and care for The Green Backyard. It is a contribution to the debates impacting communities across the UK, and raises many questions about what this community (and many others engaged in volunteer-run urban green spaces) stand to lose if the land were to be lost to development.

London, 2016, 31 x 24 cm, 112pp, illustrated, Paperback.

Jessie Brennan was a course tutor and Insights artist at Camden Arts Centre (2009-2013)