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Chris Ofili
Blue Rider

Introduction by Christoph Zuchlag. Texts by Louis Antwi, Bazon Brock, Carolina Grau and Greg Tate

In this oversized darkly serious artist's book, Chris Ofili riffs on Wassily Kandinsky's famous Blue Rider text, collaborating with the spoken-word artist Louis Antwi, who contributes a poem, and including essays by Carolina Grau, Greg Tate and Bazon Brock. Featuring photographs of sculptures and paintings of African Adams and Eves about to be bitten on the ass by coiled serpents, scenes of passionate love, monkeys, invented superheroes, star-crossed lovers and pimps, Ofili presents a dark, snake-infested Eden.

Chris Ofili is exhibiting as part of the group show Making & Unmaking: An exhibition curated by Duro Olowu at Camden Arts Centre 19 June - 18 September 2016