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Alexandre da Cunha

Alexandre da Cunha is a profile of the Brazilian artist who lives in London. His work is made from the juxtaposition of familiar objects, initially unrelated, meeting in a unique way in which open new possibilities of meaning. Alexandre chooses objects of everyday life and turns them into unusual pieces, precious objects, using a subtlety and humor that avoids simplification and exaggeration. The pieces are essentially sculptures - they are hanging on the wall, placed on the floor, on a pedestal, painted, sewn or welded. The artist himself defines his work as "production of images through sculpture" and alludes to the genre still life when he speaks of his work. His pieces are often the result of simple actions and evoke equally simple pleasures, while condensing a complex superposition of ideas in a harmonious way.
Alexandre da Cunha is exhibiting as part of the group show Making & Unmaking: An exhibition curated by Duro Olowu at Camden Arts Centre 19 June - 18 September 2016