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Children’s Books & Stationery

Annu Kilpelainen

Evolution: A Colouring Book takes the concept of a colouring book and, well, evolves it a bit. As well as colouring in the pages, you can also colour in interactive elements such as flaps to lift and die cut holes. There are stencils (of a lungfish evolving) to draw through and decorate, a map of Pangea to open up to see the world as it is today, dinosaur eggs that hatch, fossils hiding inside rocks, and pages that can be mixed and matched to create a dinosaur/chicken hybrid. Clear, accessible text on each page explains the concept of natural selection and describes the evolution of life, as told through fossils, from sea creatures, to land creatures, to dinosaurs, to mammals and eventually to humans. Finnish illustrator, Annu Kilpelainen, is primarily known for her textile designs, inspired by Marimekko, and featured on clothing by brands including ASOS and Topshop. Her big, detailed drawings are exploding with fun and demand immediate access to the brightest crayons on the market. Printed on heavy artcard, and beautifully packaged, this is a great gift book on a fascinating subject matter.